Meet the four
tools of GDIS

Matt Hill
The Human Hooligan Tool

Special Skill
The ability to connect multiple, complex capabilities together to create solutions that make your offering stronger to the client and better for the end user.

Often SME’s understand their product or offering, but don’t understand the way it could be applicable within defence. Matt is the master of introducing ingenious capabilities to real opportunities, and has been doing so for over 15 years domestically and internationally.

His expertise is particularly apparent in sectors such as cybersecurity, cutting edge specialist operator products and training, humanitarian and deployable logistics, and market leading manufacturing.

He is well known to many for bringing a seriously light-hearted approach to defence business development. He is a strong advocate for generosity, networking, and building mutually beneficial relationships.

Matt is based in Canberra, Australia, his pronouns are he/him. If he isn’t out making connections he usually is lost in the wilderness on his horse.

GDIS is diverse

GDIS are diverse in our skills, experience, backgrounds, gender, geographic location, and approaches to problem solving. This means we look at problems from every angle and develop stress-tested solutions that are a combination of the best of us.
Jen Dainer

The Human
Multi Tool

Evan Read

The Human
Precision Scope

Thomas M Smith

The Human
Fountain Pen

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