GDIS is a truly global firm

Based in Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney, Detroit and Washington, and Taipei

GDIS works differently

Most other firms engage contractors in various locations. GDIS works differently – our team is on the ground around the world and has been for decades. It means we’ve cultivated broad networks filled with personal, trusted relationships.

Our networks and market intel are strengthened by our regular attendance at critical international trade and industry events.

GDIS has an Australian entity and a US entity meaning we can facilitate operations from either side of the globe and is only one of only 16 Australian companies with an Australian Government Defence Export Brokers Licence.

GDIS is truly global. Our ability to help you grow your operations on an international stage is first class.

GDIS maintains a presence at critical industry and trade events, globally

This means we have

  • Up-to-date market intelligence in every region
  • Trusted, local relationships, many of which are decades old
  • Advanced warning of risks and threats coming down the pipeline
  • A heads up on potential opportunities and new technologies
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GDIS your trusted, local guides