Matt Hill

The Human
Hooligan Tool

Helps you gain entry to locations that are otherwise barred or challenging to access, opening up new possibilities.
Jen Dainer
The Human
Multi Tool
Useful when you need to communicate with clarity, impact and with the customer front of mind.
Evan Read
The Human
Precision Scope
Useful when you need to bring focus to the big picture, map out the destination, pinpointing risks and opportunities along the way.
Thomas M Smith
The Human
Fountain Pen
Useful when you need to examine the fine detail of the opportunities and risks that strategic options present.

No one knows more about your business than you do

… And no one knows more about the market than we do. To maximise success we create goals, strategies and tactics that combine the best of those two things. Our approach is to listen, guide and walk shoulder-to-shoulder to assure your success. To do that, we focus on three key things.

How we work

We spend time understanding your business, successes, challenges, capabilities, goals, and what makes you special. The information we gather feeds into the ‘playbook’ we develop specifically for you. Proudly, it’s what sets us apart from others who have a one-size-fits-all approach.

Most companies have a clear understanding of their product. But most lack the deep understanding of where they fit within the defence landscape. We use our experience and market intelligence to spot gaps and opportunities in the market relevant to you, now and into the future.

We measure our performance by setting Objectives together, and mutually deciding what the Key Results should be. This has two main benefits - you’re able to decide the results you want to see, and we can provide guidance on what’s achievable given our knowledge of you and the market. Often, more is achievable than you realise, and we can pre-emptively mitigate pitfalls, before you even know they exist.

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