Meet the four
tools of GDIS

Jen Dainer
The Human Multi Tool
Special Skill
The ability to translate corporate/engineering speak into language customers respond to.
For the past 15 years Jen has developed an exceptional network within defence, aviation, emergency services, and heavy industry. Her ability to help companies cut the BS in their communications to affect change in their stakeholders’ perceptions and behaviours is first class, and revered by those who engage with her (Jen didn’t write this. She thinks ‘revered’ is taking it a bit far).

Translating corporate strategy and tactical engagement plans into truly effective marketing is her sweet spot.

Jen has a strange mix of qualifications: forensic science, fire fighting and fire investigation, accident investigation, photography, video production, writing, marketing, and branding. We know, it’s weird. But what it means is she’s a great mix of analytical and creative.

Jen is based in Brisbane, Australia, her pronouns are she/her, and potatoes complete her.

GDIS is diverse

GDIS are diverse in our skills, experience, backgrounds, gender, geographic location, and approaches to problem solving. This means we look at problems from every angle and develop stress-tested solutions that are a combination of the best of us.
Matt Hill

The Human
Hooligan Tool

Evan Read

The Human
Precision Scope

Thomas M Smith

The Human
Fountain Pen

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