Event Concierge Service

GDIS are your Industry Event Experts

Trade shows and industry events are turbo-charged places to uncover new opportunities, connect with partners, strengthen relationships, and gather intel. To do all of this well you need three things, without which you’ll miss a lot of opportunities.

Exceptional Preparation

If your event strategy is to ‘show up and see who’s around’ you’re spending a heap of cash hoping you’ll win big. But GDIS can dramatically increase your chances by solid preparation. Your most important meetings? Already organised. Your Pitch? Well honed. Your collateral? Well written. Your follow up strategy? Clearly defined. GDIS are preparation experts.

Having Expert Guidance
There’s nothing wrong with DIY, but an experienced guide helps you maximise your trip by tailoring the experience, removing barriers, reducing stress, and providing access you’d never get on your own. GDIS are embedded industry insiders.
Great Follow Up
Getting no follow up, even after a great meeting? You’re not alone. Most companies go too hard, give up too soon, demand too much, or fail to follow up at all. GDIS can help you establish trust through continuity and a shared understanding of what both parties need. GDIS are seasoned at the long game. And, we have the long term relationships in place to facilitate ongoing connection.
Other areas of expertise
Business Development
Tap into GDIS’ experience, insight, access and relationships to remove barriers.
Market Intelligence
Let GDIS provide you with timely and reliable business intelligence to enter international markets.
International Market Experts
Leverage GDIS’ experience to support your business’ international expansion.
Communications and Marketing
Let GDIS help you communicate with clarity, confidence, and impact.
GDIS. Your trusted event concierge