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Evan Read
The Human Precision Scope
Special Skill
The ability to rapidly assess, absorb and analyse complex data sets, mapping a path forward with precise understanding of the risks and opportunities involved.
Evan has over a decade of experience within Australian manufacturing and defence industries helping companies to avoid the pitfalls in growing their business.

He has worked to help businesses win work with defence both domestically and internationally, leading highly successful Australian Government trade missions into high priority defence markets around the globe.

Evan combines his commercial and government experience with the ability to analyse complex datasets to provide real, strategic advice. Evan’s collaborative approach has seen him build a strong network of trusted, reliable and current senior decision makers within the public and private sectors, allowing him to validate his analysis with real-world market intelligence.

Evan is based in Taipei, Taiwan, his pronouns are he/him and a well designed, colour-coded spreadsheet is the way to his analytical heart.

GDIS is diverse

GDIS are diverse in our skills, experience, backgrounds, gender, geographic location, and approaches to problem solving. This means we look at problems from every angle and develop stress-tested solutions that are a combination of the best of us.
Matt Hill

The Human
Hooligan Tool

Jen Dainer

The Human
Multi Tool

Thomas M Smith

The Human
Fountain Pen

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